Tehran Tools Group

Support for the country’s industries

Online store and market place

The Iranian First Market Place in the Field of Industry and Mining with more than 20 years of Experience. With Professional Suppliers and Customers

Industrial Databases

Industrial and Technical Databases For the Operation of Artisans, Specialists, Executors of Industrial Projects (Catalogs & Datasheet)

Information websites

Websites to Introduce Reputable Industrial Products and Brands in Order to Easily Select Iranian Customers and Craftsmen . more than 23 active Website

Industry support

It is responsible for the support of domestic and foreign support and logistics companies, as well as providing advice for the design and construction of industrial projects

Branches & Offices Covered

Covered stores, commercial service offices, domestic and foreign agencies, specialized subdivisions. More than 300 active units in the country

Technical & Repair Services

Existence of Acceptable Number of Specialized Repair shops for Industrial Tools and Equipment as Well as Cooperation with Technical Specialists

Communication with holding companies